Knowledge sharing and education is an important part of my practice. As an ‘artist educator’, advisor and trainer for cultural education, I enjoy passing on my continued amazement about the power of art, language and heritage to children and all adults involved.

I have got experience with a broad spectrum of visual materials, but my main expertise and passion is puppetry with shadow puppets . Since 2017, Cultuur en School Nijmegen is offering these workshops/performances in their annual program for primary schools.

I have developed the following shadow plays, short plays with shadow puppets.

Title: Shadowtheatre with various titles

Date: 2014-2023

Seizes: the small stage 2 x 2 m


There’s a fight!

What do you do when there is an argument? Attack like a proud tiger? Retreat like a skittish turtle? The frame story ‘There is a fight’ presents these two diverse characters through a musical story with rap music and a recurring chorus. After the short scene, Anneke discusses with the children the ways in which the children argue and which animal it resembles.

Where is Ronja?

The racing car Driving Roland, tractor Rattling Ronja are friends for life, real ‘bff’ers. In the maze of the street they like to play hiding traffic jams and tag tango. But one day there will be a hitch in the friendship cable… Will your vehicle also participate in this flashy street ballet?

Wake upnnnn!

A cow stands alone on the bare pasture. She calls on the animals from the ground to wake up and come play. Which animal do the children wake up? A worm, a butterfly or a fox?

Carnival of the Animals

During the annual animal count, the head counter gets confused. Mixed animals appear. So there comes a monkey lobster – a monkey with lobster tongs. That’s not possible, it doesn’t belong here.

Hero or monster?

Who is a hero? And who is a monster? Is the spider a monster or a hero? What about the strong ant then? And the moth or the fawn? Who looks like a monster but is actually a movie star?

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