Young brave women on boats, ranging from climate activiste Greta Thunberg and Elizabeth Wahtuti to Laura a solo sailer sailing around the world. 

At the end of the hottest summer ever, in 2023, when the media were dominated by feeds about fire, drought or floods the German fairy tale about ‘Die Regentrude’ written by Theodor Storm came back to my mind, reminding me of a brave young woman who dares to wake up the sleeping ‘Regentrude’. 

The legend goes: When the Regentrude has fallen asleep because of being neglected by the people, no rain will fall and the land will suffer..

How to react on climate unjustice? Wil the regentrude’s help DECOLONIZE THE HEAT?


Title: Regentrude


Seizes: 20 x 30 cm


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