Dragon speaks: Let the bike do the work

Dragon speaks: Let the bike do the work

The cargobike dealer Busybike had commissioned this work, infused by my fascination for German folk craft of carving wood to beautiful rotating shadowplamps. 

Songs of Labour

Dragon speaks

A Dragon ‘s work out

Burns out

Sits in.

Takes a ride on the bike

Cycles the circle of life

Dragon‘s soul works

Is the the mental Labour fully shared?

Hoe does the Dragon of Luck feels?

Like a cog in the wheel of the life – work balance

Like a hamster running in a wheel

Like a star on a bike

The privilege of Labour. 

Title: Songs of Labour – Dragon Speaks 

Date: 2021

Seizes: 200 x 90 X 90 cm


01 Busybike ingwersen bike work out

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