Chasing Your Own Shadow

Chasing Your Own Shadow

In the video, a hand tries to trace its own shadow: As the hand constantly moves, the shadow moves too. There are certain moments when the line of the pencil meets the shadow, leaving unsolved who was there first, who chased whom; the shadow or the hand.


Title: Chasing your own shadow

Date: 2014

Seizes: various

01 chasing your own shadow van abbemuseum_test

Performative workshop at Van Abbemuseum

I shared this experience during the performative workshop Chasing Your Own Shadow at the Van Abbemuseum, 2014.

During the day of the opening of the show Using the Museum I led the performative workshop Chasing Your Own Shadow. I suggested the tracing of one’s own shadow as a metaphor for questions of identity and difference for a museum public. I invited them to participate in this public exercise and meanwhile listen to me reciting a speculative letter. I tried to initiate a dialogue in the museum about identity politics in several ways: Internal in the minds of the participants triggered by my thoughts and the exercise itself, and afterwards in the communal conversation. Did this format hold the complexities of the topic or did it affirm the construction of identity and otherness?


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