Ahnen Mahnen Temporary Out Of Order

Ahnen Mahnen Temporary Out Of Order

Prachtig en waarachtig
Zit ik hier in tranen
En ben omringd met

Ahnen, die mahnen
Freundlich und bestimmt
Sie sind.

This installation consists of a table, a photographic bakcground kit and has two sides, front- and backstage. 

On the frontstage-side Cut Outs with punched little dots are hanging against the white translucent paper.  They need light from behind to get visible. While walking around out of the little light dots various figurations will appear. 

On the backstage side framed cut outs are standing on a table, covered with paper. On certain moments spots are projecting sentences and images on the translucent paper. 

Title: Ahnen Mahnen Temporary Out of order

Date: 2024


Installation various 180 x 70 x 240 cm

Cut outs 30x 20 cm


Cut Outs

Cut Outs with dots



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