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How to create a dialogue about the colonial heritage?

Often I ask myself what my personal biografical connection to the European Colonial past and its continuation in the here and now, precisely is as a white, middleclass, middle-aged woman, based and raised in Northern Europe. Shouldn’t I be silent and give space to other postitions and perspectives, who are more relevant in this? One […]

Will Regentrude’s help decolonize the heat?

At the end of the hottest summer ever, in 2023, when the media were dominated by feeds about fire, drought or floods the German fairy tale about ‘Die Regentrude’ written by Theodor Storm came back to my mind.

Keti Koti Junior Arnhem

Since 2022 I collaborate with Commite 30 juni/1 juli Arnhem om Keti Koti ook op basisscholen te herdenken en de afschaffing van de slavernij in Nederland te vieren.