Grijstinten en Halftonen, 2010

Kinetic Light- installation
2,10 x 4,40 x 2m
Foil, plastic, metal, wood, cable, lightbulbs

For the glass cabinet of the City Hall I developed a kinetic light installation, one of ten installations in the succession of De Nieuwe Kamer. Behind translucent screens slightly different shadows of cullet in grey and pink are rising and declining. De Nieuwe Kamer lies next to the monument for the victims of the accidentally Allied air raid during WW2. This installation refers to this history in an abstract way, imagining the infinite process of destruction and reconstruction.

"Attempting to find in motion what was lost in space", T. Williams, Glasmenagerie

This project was made possible by the kindly support of The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Gemeente Nijmegen and Vink-kunststoffen.