November 2016

The publication Karbon Arnhem File #5 Wanneer stopt toen? I worked last year on is released as a fysical print. Published in the framework of Sonsbeek'16 International TransAction it is digitally available with English annotations as a PDF: Cpoy and paste this link: file:///C:/Users/laptop/Desktop/Karbon_Arnhem_Files_5_-_When_Does_Then_Stop.pdf

The Karbon Arnhem File #5 Wanneer stopt toen? consists of two manuals: First 'How to organize a workshop de-postcolonial affective timelines' contributed by myself and second 'How to organize a Remember Day Parade' by Agung Kurniawan. As an intermezzo we have published a short text by researcher Hypatia Voulournis.

If you want to know more about my related social - artistic research project Wanneer stopt toen? (When does the past stop?) en how it investigates the traces of the colonial past in the field of education and art? click here: or follow the facebook page.

During the month october 2016 I followed the training in Pitching: Be Hungry get fed at Plaatsmaken, Arnhem. I presented there the project Wanneer stopt toen? and ended my pitch with some questions:
What would be a good stage for the next steps? Any ideas? Pleas let me know!

During the month november 2016 the exhibition HOE=HET NU shows 3 pieces of the line of works The Illuminating Shadow Of German Neo-...ism #Säulenhain. If you are interested in purchasing one of them look here for the startprices (offers can be mailed too!) Want to see more? Look here.