March 2017

In March I was invited to contribute to the TheOneDayCollective of Eline Janssen in the Expoplu in Nijmegen. During one day we had worked together. It was a very surprising day. At the end I consider to become a Dutch citizen, rethinking my unpolitical behaviour because of my inability to vote during National polls. Look here for more outcomes.

During winter months I had worked on the distribution oft the publication Karbon Arnhem File #5 Wanneer stopt toen? . If you want to know more about my related social - artistic research project Wanneer stopt toen? (When does the past stop?) en how it investigates the traces of the colonial past in the field of education and art? click here: or follow the facebook page.

Fed up with all the reading and work behind the computer I started cutting silhouettes. Look here for more.