As an artist I'm working with the concept of Shadow and Light. I am using different media, as video, photography and kinetical shadow installations and perform shadowplays and performance lectures.

The shadowinvestigations are still going on: The metaporical meaning of the shadow and light is highly connotated in the Western thinking: Western thinking of Modernity and Enlightenment made the light-part the ideal and the shadow-part obscure. The visible was preferred, the hidden got abject.

The current topic of my research is: How was the shadow used and misused to construct identities of an I and the identification of the other? The focus lies on the European post-colonial history as one example how the material of the silhouettes and shadows is connected with historical events. I am now writing a Master thesis about it at the DAI - DutchArtInstitute.

As part of my artistic research I give different kind of workshops around shadowplay, photography and animation