War! A Play., 2015-...

Research project about shadowplay as a tool for politics.

How can puppet play help to reflect on one’s own position in times of conflict? What does it hold for reconciliation between all agents of a war? What does it hold for questions of identity politics and the politics of remembrance? I am referring to Wayang Revoluti - shadowplay as a tool of propaganda during the Indonesian de-colonization war between 1947-1949.

This project first took shape during an initial attempt at Museum Bronbeek, (link here) a museum for Dutch-Indonesian (Post)Colonial and Military history, Arnhem.The second edition was carried out at TongTong, the Hague in april 2015. People built and played with their own characters.
During the final presentations 'Do the right thing' at the DAI link here in the week of 6th of July 2015 I will share this project with all the students and the thesis tutors.

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